About us - Enrique Garcia Arquitectos


With over 30 years of career path, Enrique García (Guadalajara,1966) has succeeded in consolidating a solid reputation in the development of high-level projects. Currently, with Architect Omar Flores, Enrique García Arquitectos, along with a team of talented young architects, develop customized projects in which the close relationship with the client, the joint search for excellence and quality are the priority.

Their designs are not subject to a particular style, they are the product of a process in which the needs and aspirations of the client, as well as the urban and natural environment are the guidelines to follow, resulting in a unique final product. Characterized by a sober and simple style with a clear passion for the care to detail, their works are distinguished by their balance and beauty which offer the user an experience like no other.

Following an integral design philosophy, in which nothing is left to chance they combine architecture, interior design and landscaping, emphasizing quality. Always keeping in mind the flow, aesthetics, operation, materials and thereby achieve a unique harmony that touches the spirit of the client.

Enrique Garcia Arquitectos has specialized in the coast environment - without being exclusive of this area - creating designs that adapt to these conditions, through a careful selection of the elements that make up their projects, also achieving the casual and relaxed atmosphere characteristic of beach life, without neglecting the sustainable approach, integrating the latest technologies in this area.

Casa Chololo Entertainment Area Villa Aurora